mission & vision

At ESG we will provide support in a caring, organized and disciplined manner, encouraging each student to reach their full potential. Every child will have an equal opportunity to learn. We aim to promote amongst our students, the understanding and tolerance of any differences in ability, race or culture. This we will achieve through a common code of moral conduct in which Islamic values are adhered to and respected. We will demonstrate, through a balanced curriculum that the academic, social, moral, personal and physical development of each student is of equal importance. Our curriculum and school philosophy aims to encourage full participation by all students. We believe that the promotion of a partnership between students, teachers, administration and parents will enable each individual to become a valued member of the school and the wider community.

who are we?

about esg school

Schools work best when there is a close link between families and teachers. We believe that the promotion of a partnership between students, teachers, school leaders and parents will enable each girl to become a valued member of her school and the wider community.


Understanding how to use technology is vital for students in the modern age, and as a result students in all year groups use ICT to enhance their work and develop their technology skills in a range of lessons. In Foundation Stage, students are introduced to technology through the smart tables installed into the classrooms and through their weekly ICT lessons. The school also has two dedicated ICT suites, one for…

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The English School for Girls is certified by Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel to hold examinations for SATs and IGCSE.

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Throughout the school, students follow the British curriculum for all subjects taught in English. The British curriculum encourages students to learn in valuable, practical ways and to think creatively and independently. In the Foundation…

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the curriculum is divided into five areas

Area1Section Of The School Year Groups
Foundation Stage Early Years Kindergarten and Reception
Key Stage 1 Primary School Year 1 & Year 2
Key Stage 2 Primary School Years 3, 4, 5, 6
Key Stage 3 Secondary School Years 7, 8, 9
Key Stage 4 Secondary School Year 10 & Year 11